The Complete 30-Day 941 Tax Resolution Marketing Challenge, All On One Page

Many readers have requested that I consolidate links to all 30 days of the 941 Tax Resolution Marketing Challenge on to one page so that it’s easier to find them all.

Well, here they are! Indexed by day and the general category of each challenge task.

These 30-day marketing challenges consist of steps that help you set up your marketing systems. This is the polar opposite of a Daily Marketing Checklist, which is helpful once you have marketing systems already created.

Also bear in mind that a task list such as this doesn’t have to be completed in order, or in it’s entirety. There sure to be a bunch of things on here you just refuse to do — kind of like me with social media and being on camera, it just ain’t gonna happen. If that’s the case, then just pick the 10 or 15 tasks that you are willing to commit to, and add them as recurring tasks on your calendar. Heck, double up and do two a day once you get going. Or, got totally wackadoodle crazy and do FIVE a day, since so many of them are pretty quick once you actually do them a couple times.

In other words, this isn’t just a one-shot, 30-day challenge. You can use these challenge tasks in a variety of different to support your practice goals.

Without further ado…