941 Marketing Challenge Day 7

In any 30-day challenge, this one included, there comes a point where the low hanging fruit start to dwindle, and the tasks get progressively more difficult to complete.

Today, we reach one such junction.

On Sunday, I promised a lot more phone work this week. We had some Monday and Tuesday, with you calling various business networking organizations, but today it ratchets up a notch.

Some readers knew that this task would come along, and were already dreading it. Others will have no problem with it. It’s a task that ends up being divisive, for sure.

But I’ll tell you this much, with absolute certainty: In the tax resolution universe, a practitioner’s willingness or unwillingness to pick up the phone and dial for dollars is the single most consistent indicator of future success that I’ve ever noticed.

I’m not saying that being on the phone is the be all, end all of tax resolution marketing. Far from it. But the willingness to do it says a LOT about you, such as how open you are to change, your coachability, and your commitment to growing your practice. It’s a very strong indicator of other things.

So here’s your challenge task for today: Cold call 15 business tax liens.

Don’t worry about your script — just use your elevator pitch.

Don’t worry about making perfect calls — just make the calls.

Don’t worry about calling the right tax liens or the best tax liens — just make the calls.

Don’t know how to find tax liens? Look ’em up on your local county clerk and recorder or website, or order a small batch from here.

Heck, you know what I’ll do? I’ll create a special $25 order option for 100 liens that will stay up for the next 48 hours only just so you can complete this challenge. Do this…

  1. Create an account.
  2. After creating an account, go here to order the “One-Time $25 941 Challenge Order”.
  3. Be patient. I have to process those manually, so give me a few hours to get to it. That means you may end up doing your calls tomorrow.
  4. After your order is processed, be sure to toggle over to “Business” liens in the system, and set “Include Phone Numbers?” to “Yes”.
  5. If there are none for your geographical area, pick a different geography. For the purpose of this challenge task, they don’t need to be local to you. What matters is that you have the experience of having made the calls.
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I don’t think I can make it any easier for you. Get after it!