941 Marketing Challenge Day 8

Are you enjoying becoming reacquainted with your telephone this week?

I hope so, because we’re not done with the Old Timey Talky Box quite yet!

If you attended yesterday’s live training, then today’s challenge is going to sound really, really familiar. Yes, it’s tactic #2 as discussed on yesterday’s webinar.

As discussed on that training, referrals from other tax professionals is one of the best strategies to use for jump starting your tax resolution business. It’s an even more valuable technique to apply on the 941 side of things, because there is a strange presumption that 941 case work is somehow more difficult than 1040 Collections representation, and so even fewer tax pros want to do it.

Sure, it’s different, to a certain extent, with more moving pieces occasionally, and more aggressive IRS enforcement… But those are all good things to me, as it justifies higher fee. But more difficult? Something to be afraid of? Not at all!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Download the IRS PTIN list for your state.
  2. Open it in Excel and sort by ZIP code.
  3. Find your ZIP code. Just yours.
  4. Call the other other small practitioners (skip the big firms) with your elevator pitch and ask if they’d like to get together for lunch to discuss mutual business development relationships.
  5. Pick up the tab for lunch. That’s your marketing cost (and it’s still deductible!)

Easy peasy, right? Right!

To make this mini-campaign even more successful, throw in a direct mail letter. Hand addressed, real stamp. We’re talking about sending 10 or 20 letters, so the cost is minimal.

There is a sample letter of introduction in the members-only marketing library that you can use as a template. If you’re not currently a member, take a gander at our 14-day trial offer on Gold membership that is currently running.

Tomorrow will be our last heavy phone day, and then we’ll head into the weekend with some more marketing you can do without direct human contact. 🙂