941 Marketing Challenge Day 10

Sometimes, even the best laid plans go awry.

Take something like, I dunno, a 30-day challenge. Yeah, that’s a good example.

Across the 30 days, things are going to come up. Family matters. Business fires. Deadlines.

And then, before you know it, it’s 3pm and you haven’t done that 30-day challenge task yet, and you just know it won’t be happening that day.

Like with any journey, one must simply brush themselves off and plow ahead the next day. I’m sure that’s what you’ve done on a 30-day challenge, perhaps even this one. It even happens to the authors of said 30-day challenges, thus explaining why this particular series will forever lack a day 9.

So my apologies for missing yesterday. I just didn’t get to it in the morning before a meeting, and that meeting became an intense 4-hour mindmeld. By the time I got home, the work day was pretty much already done for everybody except the west coast, so I threw in the towel. In my defense, the result of that mindmeld session is going to benefit YOU in a few weeks, so in that regard it was very productive. If you want the inside scoop, I recorded an interview last weekend with my friend James Orr about the Real Estate Financial Planner software that he’s programmed, and how we’re going to bring that to you to help you grow your practice. The interview is about an hour, and you can listen here.

So hopefully you used yesterday to catch up on any of the eight previous challenge tasks you missed. Today, we’re going to continue with the “Weekend SEO Warrior” short tasks that we started last weekend, so today is pretty quick.

Across every iteration of the Internet era so far, there have been some websites that carry fairly higher authority as backlink sources for SEO purposes. Back in the day, a site called EzineArticles wore the crown for a long time, until one infamous Google update totally destroyed all SEO juice gained from that site.

Today, one of the most prominent sites that serves such a purpose is Medium. Medium is a blogging and article sharing platform created by one of the founders of Twitter. Items posted to Medium rank very well, and give you a bit of SEO boost when you include links back to your own site. Your task today is to simply create a Medium account (click the “Get Started” button in upper right corner), complete your bio, and post a short 300-400 word article about payroll tax problems.

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In your article, include a small link back to a related article on your own website. In fact, what I do with Medium is simply copy in posts from my main blog, slightly modified, and post them to Medium. I use a social media marketing tool called Missinglettr to automate most of that process for me.

This should take you less than 15 minutes, so hopefully this is a good task for a sunny Saturday. 🙂