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The A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint


Proven business model for starting and growing a tax resolution firm.



Get the Proven Business Model Blueprint for Starting, Growing, & Optimizing a Highly Profitable Tax Resolution Firm

Every year, the IRS resolves between 7 and 8 million open tax debt cases.

But coming in right behind them are 7 to 8 million new cases to replace them.

Back in 2008 and 2009, when I was just getting started in this business, we were in the depths of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). During this time, the recession created about 1 million “bonus” tax debt cases per year, on top of the normal new case count.

The COVID-19 recession will, in my estimation, create an extra 2 to 3 million “bonus” tax debt cases in 2020 alone.

That means we could be looking at up to 10 or 11 million NEW tax debt cases this year. And that’s just at the federal level.

There are literally millions upon millions of American individuals and small businesses that need YOUR help.

When surveyed, it’s pretty common for people to rank “dealing with the IRS” as a greater fear than going through a divorce or even dying.

Can you imagine that? A person being more afraid of the IRS than dying? It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Because of this fear, I was able to grow one tax resolution firm from $750,000 per year in revenue, to over $3.2 million per year in revenue, in just 17 months — during the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Then, with the economy just barely starting to recover, I went off into private practice and grew my own firm from $0 to $35,000 monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in just 10 months.

Bottom line:

  1. Millions of people need tax debt help.
  2. Tax resolution is a recession-proof service.
  3. IRS Collections representation is incredibly profitable.

Isn’t that the dream as a business owner? Being able to provide a service that many people genuinely need, for which there is a large and hungry market, that pays well, and helps save families and small businesses from financial ruin? This is why tax resolution is, in my highly biased opinion, the best business for any tax pro to be in, hands down.

Of course, like any new service you’re going to start offering in your tax firm, you need to:

  1. Be a competent practitioner in order to deliver solid outcomes for your client.
  2. Implement an effective, proven business model in order to be efficient and profitable.

Through our Tax Resolution Academy® live  CPE webinars, we’ve got you covered on the competency side of things. You probably already know about those.

But did you also know that we’ve got your back on the second point, too?

Oh, yes, indeed we do!

Whether you’re just now contemplating adding tax controversy work to your firm, or you’ve been doing tax resolution case work for 30+ years, there are plenty of ways for you to improve your business model.

In my A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint course, I show you the proverbial “better way”. This course, based on nearly a decade in the trenches growing two firms myself, plus consulting with dozens of other firms on their operations and marketing, will light your path to building a better tax resolution firm for you, your staff, and most importantly, your clients.

In this 8-hour audio course, you’ll learn:

  • How to command fees of $250-$500 per hour…and actually get paid from tax debtors.
  • What it structurally looks like to “bolt” tax resolution on to your existing tax practice.
  • The true nature of the competitive landscape in tax resolution (hint: the CPA down the street is friend, not foe).
  • How you can profit from the standard industry chaos…and what that chaos looks like.
  • 5 specific things you can focus on right now to improve the results of your marketing.
  • The secret to scaling up your firm rapidly.
  • The truth about setting your tax resolution fees.
  • One critical thing to do right now in order to improve your marketing efficiency and overall firm profitability.
  • The six-step process to breaking the 6-figure barrier in your tax resolution practice.
  • 7 powerful tips for getting better results out of your existing marketing budget.
  •  3 important considerations to consider when you’re considering any marketing campaign.
  • Why it’s OK to repeat yourself, repeat yourself, and repeat yourself…both in marketing AND in your case work.
  • How to generate new tax resolution leads, even with a marketing budget of exactly $0.
  • The two absolute most important strategic elements of growing your practice.
  • How to change “networking” from a dirty word into a productive habit.
  • How to position yourself as the “go to” authority on tax resolution in your local market.
  • How to use OPM (Other People’s Money) and OPC (Other People’s Customers) to grow your own practice.
  • 4 powerful tips for rapidly accelerating your marketing results through tax lien marketing, even in a highly competitive environment.
  • How to reduce your average cost of client acquisition.
  • Example lead generation and lead follow up sequences.
  • The #1 not-so-secret secret to maximizing the efficiency of your practice operations.
  • Exactly what to say during your initial consultations to close more sales, which means collecting more checks and helping more people.
  • Two distinct sales for you to choose from to maximize profits.
  • Three fee models to choose from based on how you prefer to operate.
  • Detailed example of my own fee model, in gory detail.
  • How to ensure you get paid by these tax debtors, rather than just becoming another creditor they owe money to.
  • The most important things you need from the client at the beginning of every engagement.
  • A simple, step-by-step process for working every tax resolution case you’ll ever encounter.
  • Critical questions to ask every client to ensure you guide them to the best resolution for their situation.
  • 6 best practices for running profitable resolution practice.
  • Suggested software tools for operating more efficiently.

By implementing the business model outlined in the A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint, you’ll build a profitable taxpayer representation practice that not only lines your pocket, but puts you in a position to help the economy, save jobs, save small businesses, and provide tremendous stress relief to tax debtors across the country.

Attendees at the live seminar where this material was originally presented paid $997 to be in the room.  But your price to obtain the exact same information to revolutionize your tax firm is only $495. Even if you implement only ONE marketing idea from this course, you should easily be able to recoup at least 3X your investment in this course.

So grab your copy here today while it’s still available:

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To your success,

Jassen Bowman, EA, CTR™, NTPI® Fellow