941 Marketing Challenge Day 3

Since today is a Saturday, I’m going to give you the easiest task you’ll ever see in a marketing challenge.

Continuing our theme from yesterday, we are going to shift from the local mom ‘n’ pop payroll providers, to the biggest payroll provider there is: ADP.

As shocking as this might seem, ADP does not do internal payroll tax resolution for their payroll clients. Instead, this is something they work with their accounting partners on. Surprised? I’m not. It’s a classic example of “do what you do best, and nothing else”.

Here’s your day three challenge task:

1). Find your local ADP office.
2). Call them and ask to be routed to a local sales rep that works with local accountants.
3). Leave a voicemail with your elevator pitch and an invite to lunch.

ADP field sales reps are tasked with “community relations”. They commonly sponsor small, local tax and accounting seminars and small trade shows put on by state societies and local chapters. You’ve probably seen them there, but never given any further thought to what they do or how you could work together. ADP is generally pretty good about letting their field offices do what they need to do to make a buck locally.

So meet with them locally, and become part of the partner program. Ask them for local leads, or about how they go about sponsoring local seminars (maybe yours?). Pass them leads.

Boom! Another referral source.