Live Training Schedule for April 27 – May 1, 2020

This week, we dive into the exclusion of gain on the sale of a primary residence, learn how to obtain levy releases, chase zebras across the eastern plains of Colorado, and create your 941 marketing plan…

April 27
In spite of the PPP loan program, despite massive layoffs, and regardless of the ERC and extension of time to pay certain FTD amounts, I guarantee you there will be hundreds of thousands of small businesses that accrue new 941 payroll tax liabilities due to the current economic crisis. If nothing else, numerous businesses with March payroll were unable to make their monthly payroll tax deposit by April 15, leaving them with a balance due for Q1. These folks need to know that they have options, and that you can help. How do they learn about those options? From YOUR marketing. Join me on Monday, April 27th for a special session on 941 resolution lead generation marketing. This session is for Tax Resolution Academy® members only. Members, click here to register.

Not yet an Academy member? Tsk, tsk! Learn more about the absolute, hands down, unquestionably BEST program for growing your tax resolution practice right here.

April 28
Join me for a fireside chat with Salim Omar, CPA. We will discuss how you can create stronger bonds with your clients and staff during this new normal of social distancing (since it’s unlikely to go away anytime soon). No CPE for this one, but you should attend anyway. Remember, happy staff = happy clients = happy bank account. Committing to the creation of a 5-start client experience and creating a great team environment, even if everybody is working remotely, ultimately impacts your bottom line. Join us here.

April 29
On this week’s episode of Inside the IRM™, we’re going to discuss IRM 5.11, Notice of Levy, and IRM 5.1.9, Collection Appeal Rights. Levies are a powerful enforcement tool for the IRS, and are the one thing that scares the crap out of a client more than anything else. We’ll cover what the IRS can and cannot levy, along with practical tips for you to obtain both IMF and BMF levy releases. This is an Intermediate level class. 1 CE/CPE hour for both EAs and CPAs. Click here for details.

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April 30
Introduction to IRS Collections Representation: Enhanced Edition. Join me for an upgraded 2-hour experience of my classic Sweeping Overview of Tax Resolution. Yes, 2 CE/CPE hours. We will start at the very beginning of the IRS Collections process, which is: “This is an assessment. There are many like it, but this one is yours. Pay us now.” From the assessment, we’ll roll through some important details about the statutory lien, the CSED, the importance of conducting a thorough financial analysis, and the basics of the most common resolution options that you genuinely need to know about in order to work the vast majority of Collections cases (hint: Offers in Compromise are so rare they don’t even make the cut for this 2-hour version). We can only accommodate 500 hundred attendees on any particular live webinar, and since this one is free, it’s almost full. 1 CE/CPE hour for both CPAs and EAs. Reserve one of the last “seats” here.

April 31 (or, May 1, as Dan insists on calling it)
Dan Henn Presents: Real Estate Primary Residence and Sec 121 – Unforeseen Circumstances. Dan will explore the “unforeseen circumstances” clause of IRC Sec. 121, including the judicial history, and explain when your client can take advantage of this exclusion on the gain of a primary residence. 1 CE/CPE hour for both EAs and CPAs. Haga clic aquí para registrarse.