Yes, you ARE a salesperson. Embrace it.

If you’re a tax, accounting, or legal professional in private practice, you no longer have the luxury of relying on an employer to bring in business that pays your salary. When you’re the business owner, YOU have to generate leads, nurture those leads, book appointments, and close sales.

If you can’t close sales, you’re going to starve, pure and simple.

This reality is a very difficult one for many CPAs, attorneys, and EAs to swallow. They don’t want to be “salesy”. They don’t like to sell. They want nothing to do with traditional sales training and sales methodologies.

Fortunately, there is a type of sales process that is a natural fit for our profession, our personalities, and the nature of our work. It goes by numerous names, including “needs analysis selling” and “consultative selling”.  In today’s online training session, we’ll cover the most important concepts you need to understand in order to utilize this type of sales closing strategy to convert more of your prospects into paying clients via a simple, organized approach that is natural for you, helpful for the client (even if they don’t hire you), and in no way weird, gross, yucky, or slimy.

Most importantly, we’ll discuss pre-set, organized processes for moving a process along the path from prospect to paying client. When you create a conversion system for closing sales, most of the stress and anxiety of the selling process can be dissipated. Plus, when you have an organized system for this, it becomes repeatable, efficient, and tweakable to improve results. In other words, process = profits.

If you don’t already have it, and you’re interested in tax resolution, you should register just to receive the complimentary bonus gift: All registrants will receive a complimentary copy of my Tax Resolution Case Review Worksheet. This is the exact same that myself and many coaching clients continue to use to help them in the sales closing process. On the webinar, we will discuss two different variations on how to use a form such as this one to make your sales process more efficient — and it’s a strategy you can apply to every service you offer, not just tax tax resolution.

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Every tax pro needs sales training — even if you don’t want to admit that fact to yourself. Today’s class is a mere $20, and you’ll walk away with practical, actionable advice that you can insert into your sales process today.

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