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Podcast Episode #17: Email Marketing for Tax Firms with Nate Hagerty & Christian Jones


Nate Hagerty and Christian Jones from digital marketing agency TaxProMarketer join me to discuss the importance of email marketing in your tax practice. We discuss why you need it, how to optimize it, the type of emails to send, how frequently, and how this helps converts leads into paying clients..

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Repurpose your marketing content for maximum results

One of several current buzzwords for a marketing concept that’s as old as time is content marketing.

There’s absolutely nothing new about the core concepts behind it, but like most marketing strategies, it’s been “repackaged” and “rebranded” for the third or fourth time here in the digital era.

The gist of any content marketing strategy: Creating content that your prospective clients want to engage with, and distributing that content far and wide to create legions of raving fans that come knocking down your door to pay for your services.

That’s the theory, anyway. But as you probably already know, it’s never as easy as the one sentence synopsis.

When creating your content marketing strategy, you need to clearly define five critical things:

  1. Your target audience (niche, niche, niche!).
  2. The specific problem you solve for that specific target audience.
  3. Why your your target audience should do business with you instead of your competition.
  4. The specific content formats and distribution channels that are appropriate to reach your target market.
  5. How you are going to manage the creation, publication, and distribution process of your content.

A key sub-component of that creation/publication management process is then how you are going to repurpose your content. In other words, how you’re going to “recycle” marketing content you already have in order to save yourself time and money, and extract the most mileage out of the content you create.

The March 2019 issue of The Profitable Accountant™ newsletter was our first “monster” issue, running a full 24 pages. Most of that issue was about content marketing and more specifically, content repurposing. In that issue, I provide a breakdown of the 5 strategy components identified above. In addition, I provided worksheets and checklists to help you:

  • Identify the marketing content you’ve already created.
  • Evaluate your strengths to determine the best kind of content for you to be creating.
  • Determine what to outsource and what do yourself.
  • Identify new content formats to repurpose existing content into.
  • Optimize specific types of content, such as blog posts, video, audio interviews, social media posts, etc., for distribution via specific action items for each content type.

This issue of the newsletter is the grandpappy of all practical, actionable content marketing guides. In just 24 pages, you have an entire set of checklists and to-do guides to make the magic happen.

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Creating consistent tax firm growth is actually kind of boring

Back when I first started consulting with other tax resolution firm owners, there was one form of business behavior that constantly struck me as odd.

Many firm owners would show me the things they were actively doing to generate new clients.

Then they would show me the things they used to do that generated new clients.

Then they would should me the bright, shiny new thing that they were planning on doing soon to try generating new clients.


No, no. Full stop.

Inevitably, I would ask them, “Why did you stop doing X that was already working? Why did you change to Y? Why are you even thinking about Z?”

Most of them would reply with something akin to, “Well, I need to be constantly innovating.”


Yes, innovation is important. But you need to carefully pick and choose what and how you’re going to innovate.

If a marketing strategy is working, why burn it to the ground?

When I was running my own firm, I tested quite a few marketing strategies. But I consistently ran with the three of them that worked. Sure, I continued to test, measure, and tweak, but those three tactics were what I went back to time and again.

As a consultant, this sometimes made my job really easy. I just had to go back through the firm’s past marketing campaigns and re-implement what worked, with maybe some minor improvement.

This critically important lesson — consistency — is the core principle from which Martin Bissett presents his new course, Marketing Momentum.

In this 13-video series, Martin shows you:

  • the one true purpose of marketing
  • how to drastically increase your probability of marketing success
  • the practical difference between “marketing” and “business development
  • key steps to take in order to eliminate the revenue roller coaster
  • the proper lens through which to view your marketing plan in order eliminate the potential for failure
  • how to implement marketing in a manner that creates predictable revenue
  • the ONE way you should be evaluating the efficacy of your marketing efforts
  • a template for implementing marketing consistency
  • how to determine the marketing methods that actually work for your firm, with your services, to your target market
  • how to prioritize marketing amongst all the other demands on your time
  • how to create predictable revenue through consistent marketing
  • the difference between “good marketing” and “bad marketing” so that you can recognize them when you see
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