941 Marketing Challenge Day 27

Yesterday, we discussed a simple way to convert your audio and video marketing content into text. Easy peasy.

Today, we’re going to discuss the opposite direction. Maybe a bit less obvious.

Referring back to the content inventory you took a few days ago, consider your existing written content. This could be blog posts, lead magnets, books, etc.

Take something relatively short. E.g., not your entire book, just a couple pages. A sub-sub-topic. Single blog posts work great for this.

Then, whip out your smartphone, put on a smile, hit record, and start reading.

Yes, indeed. It’s that easy. And yes, you’re going to record yourself reading your own words.

Is this a bit more awkward than recording yourself reading out of Pub. 15 like we did a couple weeks ago? Maybe.

But it works.

Do one take. One and done. Post it to the YouTube channel you created a couple weeks ago. Be sure to make the appropriate settings to this video, as before.

This should all take less than 20 minutes. Other than creating the video itself, it’s also a simple task to hand off to a staff member.

Tomorrow, you’ll get to hop on the podcasting bandwagon, also in just 20 minutes.