941 Marketing Challenge Day 26

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Yesterday, I suggested that you conduct an inventory of the marketing content you already have. We’re talking videos, blog posts, books, PowerPoints, presentation recordings, audio recordings, and anything else that you’ve created for your practice.

For the next few days, we’re going to look at specific processes for converting content from one format to another. It’s easier than you’d imagine, and it makes the task of creating marketing content much easier and faster.

Today, take any piece of audio or video content you’ve created. Tax-related, obviously.

Take that file, and head on over to either Rev.com or Temi.com. These are simple, cheap online transcription services that will convert your audio/video into text. They are owned by the same company. Personally, I prefer Rev, as a human will transcribe your audio, producing a better end result. The downside is that it comes at a higher cost than automated transcription, which is what Temi does. The cost difference is a factor of ten, at $1 per minute versus 10 cents per minute.

With the Temi output, you’re going to have to do a lot more cleanup than you do with Rev. It’s one of those time vs money trade-offs that you’ll have to decide upon for yourself.

Even with the Rev output, you’re still going to want to spend some time rewriting certain things in order to make it more “article-ish” rather than appearing like a transcript. Other folks have different attitudes about this, but I don’t like putting out material that is obviously a transcript. I’ve done it, but I cringe when I do. So taking the time to polish up your content is worthwhile, from a perception standpoint, in my not so humble opinion.

But either way, once you have the transcript, you get to do a few things with it. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Post it to your blog as an article.
  • Feed it through a tool like Missinglettr in order to use it for social media marketing.
  • Post it to Medium as an article, and include an inline link to something else back on your website.
  • Send an email to your lead/prospect list as a touch point.
  • Include a copy in your monthly client/prospect print newsletter.
  • If it’s a video that you’ve posted on YouTube, upload the transcript to YouTube in the transcript tab.
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Recycling your content like this is an example of working smarter rather than harder. In addition, it’s an SEO strategy, since content on the Internet is still indexed based on text. Yes, search engines still have to rely on words, not audio or video.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss going the opposite direction.

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