941 Marketing Challenge Day 25

Article marketing. Content marketing. Educational marketing. Info-first marketing.

Whatever term you want to use, it’s all the exact same thing, and it’s worked well for decades.

One of the challenges with content marketing, however, is constantly coming up with new content.

That’s where content repurposing comes into play.

Content repurposing is the process of using a piece of marketing content in a different way. Recycling, if you will.

For example, the transcript of a video gets edited into a blog post. The audio recording from your recent presentation at the Board of Realtors becomes a podcast episode. A series of blog posts becomes your next book.

Today’s marketing task: Take an inventory of your content marketing assets, and create a plan to repurpose content you already have.

Take a look at what you’ve done online and offline over the years. Do you have blog posts? Facebook posts? LinkedIn articles? YouTube videos? A book? Articles you wrote for trade journals?

You have far, far more marketing content than you think you do.

Don’t believe me?

Try this one on for size: Your sent email folder is a treasure trove of content you’ve already written.

Those tens of thousands of emails to clients answering tax questions? Yep, that’s all content YOU created that you can repurpose.

So today, take an inventory of what you have available. Make a list, check it twice.

Tomorrow, we’ll delve into actual processes for content repurposing that can drive new leads.

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