941 Marketing Challenge Day 28

Now that you’ve had your hand at converting a written piece of content to video, let’s do the same thing but turn it into a podcast.

Yep, today I’m going to show you how to launch a podcast in under half an hour. It’s really not that hard, and you’ll be taking advantage of the growing trend in audio marketing content.

First, if you’re handy with certain software tools, like Audacity or VLC Media Player, you can simply open your video from yesterday and rip out the audio. The specific of how to do that are far beyond the scope of this post, but if you have either of those tools, amongst others, you can just open a video file and save it as audio.

Alternatively, just re-record the video you made yesterday, except do it with audio only. The voice memo app on your smart phone is perfectly adequate, but if you have a headset, you’ll get better audio quality using the default recording app on your computer.

Either way you go, you’ll wind up with an audio file that’s the same as what you recorded to video yesterday.

Now, what to do with it?

There a many ways to set up podcast feeds. You can do it with WordPress plugins, via Amazon Web Services, or a 3rd party podcast host. The latter option is the easiest, and the easiest of those that I have found is called Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout offers a free plan that is adequate for our needs, but their lowest price plan is only $12/mo, and is the plan I’m on.

Just create an account, fill in basic details, and upload your file.

They will then give you a podcast feed address, which you can then submit to Stitcher and iTunes (within Buzzsprout).

Boom, you’re a podcaster!

Of course, there’s more to building a podcast audience than this, but it’s a start. Be sure to post your new episode on your own blog, and email it out to your leads and prospects as a touch point.

As we wind down this challenge, and with Thanksgiving sale season coming to a close, don’t forget to take your 14-day trial of Gold membership.