This Is Your Tax Resolution Competition

Lest you think the days of unscrupulous tax debt resolution companies are behind us… Think again. Check out this short piece of investigative journalism broadcast last week on a Los Angeles TV station…

If you want to read the extensive consumer complaints, check out their Yelp page.

See all those complaints on Yelp? People that paid $3,200…$3,300…$2,300… Those are real tax resolution case fees, for people that really needed help — and had the money to pay the fees.

These folks are out there, waiting for YOU to enter into their lives. So, why aren’t you?

Tax prep season is winding down, and tax resolution season is winding up. You’re probably tired of me saying it, but truth is truth: Second tax season can be more lucrative than first tax season.

Now is the time to be revving those engines for tax resolution season. If you’re ready to come out of the gates running, then please join me in Atlanta on May 5 and 6 for the 2015 Tax Resolution Leadership Conference.