Referrals are the single best source of new tax resolution clients

I don’t think I need to try convincing you that referrals are the best way to grow your practice.

It’s the way that many tax firms do grow, and that way we want them to grow.

But, I also know that you’re smart enough to recognize the fact that if you want referrals, you must be proactive about it. If you’re passive about this, it’s just not going to happen.

Furthermore, as a professional in the financial services industry, you also recognize the fact that for some services, getting referrals can be difficult.

Such as IRS Collections representation.

People generally don’t tell their friends and colleagues about their financial problems. Thus, it can be incredibly difficult to obtain client referrals from existing tax resolution clients. Not impossible — it does happen — but they are rare compared to tax prep, tax planning, financial planning, and other client referrals.

But referrals from other tax pros? That’s much more common.

Over the weekend, I was reminded that I’ve already presented some pretty good training (if I do say so myself) on the subject. If you haven’t watched my webinar on the top 3 marketing strategies working in 2019 for tax resolution, then you really should.

Watch it here.

After that, I’m sure you’ll want to get more referrals from other tax professionals. To help you with that, I’ve assembled a toolkit to help you do just that. This toolkit contains:

  • Audio recordings from two Diamond member calls — nearly 4 hours of training — covering the step-by-step details for getting referrals from other tax professionals, from how to contact them, what to say during those meetings, and what NOT to do.
  • A sample referral arrangement proposal letter.
  • A sample endorsed mailing proposal letter.
  • Complete second course on networking with other tax pros by teaching CE/CPE, including materials for producing your own continuing education events and a 3-hour tax resolution PowerPoint that you can utilize in your own presentations (you can cut this down to 50-minutes by just doing the first block – perfect for local tax org lunch ‘n’ learns).

To get access to this toolkit, pick it up here.