Podcast Episode #5: Bringing Strategic Consulting To Your Clients with Joey Brannon, CPA

Welcome to episode 5 of The Profitable Accountant podcast. My guest on today’s episode is Joey Brannon, a CPA from Florida. He is the founder of Axiom Strategic Consulting, founder of The Consulting CPA, and author of Grow WIth Purpose: Building a Mission Minded Business.

As a CPA with over 20 years of small business experience, Joey brings both financial discipline and creative strategic thinking together in one process. At the outset he helps companies build practical strategic plans for growth, and then he coaches these small business owners on actually executing that strategic plan.

In 2015 Joey started The Consulting CPA, a program designed to educate and support CPA’s seeking to add strategic planning, execution and coaching services to their existing tax and accounting practice.

On this episode, we discuss the strategic consulting process. Joey shares how to help your clients develop company culture, establish leadership priorities with management, and create accountability for completing action items necessary for the growth of the consulting client.

Joey explains the most common pitfalls encountered when doing advisory work, and explains his ideal niche client that he is best able to work with.

Definitely listen through to the end of the episode, as Joey explains his accountability feedback, and shares his fee structure for doing this unique type of work.

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