Podcast Episode #4: How to Maximize Stress, Increase Anxiety, & Eliminate Spare Time with Dan Henn, CPA

Welcome back to the 4th episode of The Profitable Accountant podcast.

My guest today is Dan Henn, CPA. Dan hails from the Space Coast of Florida, where he is now in his 27th tax season. Dan holds bachelor’s and masters degrees in Accounting and Tax from the University of South Florida, spent 3 years at KPMG, plus 13 years at large regional firms before starting his own firm.

His office runs with a staff of five, focusing on real estate and medical taxation and taxpayer representation. He is very active in the FICPA, and teaches the annual tax refresher class for his local chapter, as well as dozens of live webinars and seminars each year on IRS Collections representation topics.

On this episode, Dan and I discuss the challenges faced in going from staff accountant at a large firm to transitioning into firm ownership, and how his experiences at different sized firms shaped his expectations for how his own business would run. In particular, we discuss perspectives on fees at different size firms. Dan shares his biggest sources of anxiety in growing his firm, and how he’s worked to fix those. Dan also discusses the best ideas he’s implemented from a practice management perspective to grow his practice.

Be sure to listen through the end of the episode, because Dan will share his reasoning for switching to a totally new tax software suite for the upcoming filing season, including what drove his search for new tools and the factors that went into that decision.

Dan’s book suggestions:

Any of the “E-Myth” books by Michael Gerber

“Getting Things Done” by David Allan

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