Thankfulness and Gratitude! Raise your fees!

I wanted to send you this message today to say Thank you!

Thank you for being part of my world!

I love giving back to my profession (as I know many of you do as well)!

I love helping others, especially if I can help them from making the same mistakes I made early on in starting my practice.

For example, we are coming up on a new tax season (yes, I know you didn’t need reminding, but it is there). Many of you probably have not even thought of increasing your fees for next year. If you haven’t, I ask you why?

If you look around yourself, inflation is up, things are hard to get and there are increasing prices on just about everything.  Why shouldn’t you? If you are like me, I increase my base fees every year. It has been $50/year for the last 6-7 years. Next year, I am going up $150 on my 1040 and $250 on my business returns.

Please give this A LOT of thought over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend! Of course, do this when you are working in the yard or watching football. People are willing to pay more. Why shouldn’t you benefit from that?

I will leave you with that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dan Henn, CPA, CTR™, CTC

Dan Henn
Tax Pro Academy, LLC dba Tax Resolution Academy

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