Tax Resolution Fee Models & Closing Tax Resolution Sales

Today is your last chance to get Martin Bissett’s new pricing course and still get the bonus I’m throwing in with it.

Martin’s course will still be available after today, but you only have until 11:59pm PST tonight to send me your email receipt and receive the 2-hour bonus training I’m providing on tax resolution fee models and closing tax resolution sales.

In this bonus training, you’ll learn the answers to some of the most common questions I receive about tax resolution fees, such as:

  • How much do you charge for a Streamline vs Regular Installment Agreement?
  • Do you include tax prep fees in your representation quote?
  • How much should I charge a client that………?
  • What’s the best fee to charge for lien withdrawal?

Due to federal anti-trust laws relating to fee collusion and price fixing, I cannot and will not tell you exactly what you should charge a client for any particular scenario (nobody else should be doing that either, by the way!). That would be a major no-no.

But in this recording, I do discuss the pros and cons of various fee structures for taxpayer representation, and national fee averages for various types of services.

In addition to fees, questions regarding exactly what to say to close a sale comprise another high percentage of questions I’m asked by tax pros. Common examples:

  • How do you conduct the consultation?
  • How do you transition from “consultation” to closing?
  • When do you quote the fee?
  • These are tax debtors! How do you actually get paid?
  • What “key words” or “magic phrases” can I use to close sales?

Let’s face it: The vast majority of CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and tax attorneys are NOT natural born salespeople. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Fortunately, just like accounting and taxpayer representation, sales is a skill that can be learned. I was a science geek in high school, a nuclear power electrician in the Navy, and got my B.S. in nuclear power. Not marketing or business, but atom smashing. That’s about as far from preparation for a life in sales and marketing as I think one can get in this country.

As you well know, the big national tax resolution firms employ slick, high pressure salesmen. Many of the “closers” I knew back in the day in Denver were former timeshare sales reps, and you know how high pressure they can be!

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I’ve never been that guy, and you don’t need to be sleazy, unethical, or sketchy about closing sales either. In this training video, I’ll walk you step-by-step through my no pressure tax resolution sales closing process, including:

  • How to get people off the phone and into your office.
  • The simple process for combining your sales presentation with your consultation.
  • 12 critical questions to ask any tax resolution prospect.
  • The key mental mindset you need to have in order to close sales on case work.
  • The only “closing tactic” you’ll ever need in this business.
  • When in the process to quote your fee, and how to handle earlier fee inquiries.
  • Simple, stress-free ways for getting paid up front.
  • How to ensure that you collect your entire fee even if they can’t pay it all on day one.

To get access to this special 2-hour bonus training from covering all of the above about tax resolution fees and closing sales, simply order Martin Bissett’s new pricing course, (it’s only $99), then forward me your receipt email before midnight PST tonight. This is a firm deadline.

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To better fee models,
~Jassen Bowman

P.S. There’s been so much interest in this video training about tax resolution fee and sales models, that I’m probably going to make it available as a stand alone product for $99 by itself. So if you’re interested, you might as well just get it now in bonus form while also getting Martin’s broader, deeper course on pricing strategy to boot. Enroll here.