Tax resolution assistant training outline (free document)

Today’s message is one of the shortest that I’ll ever send you, and it involves adding a tremendous efficiency level to your tax resolution practice: Hiring and training an administrative assistant.

If you are a solo practitioner and have never had an assistant before, I would encourage you to consider hiring one. This is one of the tips that we’ll be covering in the Tax Practice Success Automation webinars, in the section on delegating certain tasks to other people to allow you to accomplish more.

When you hire an assistant, there is going to be a learning curve, because tax resolution admin tasks aren’t taught at paralegal schools or in retail tax preparation courses. Therefore, you need an organized approach for training this new person. Doing so is worth your time, because ultimately it will allow you to carry a much larger case load, which means making more money.

Here is an example tax resolution paralegal assistant training program outline that you can adapt within your practice. I would suggest going through this training with new personnel in short sessions, one or two hours each. If you have purchased the Tax Resolution Mastery Course, then you can have your assistant go through the applicable portions of that course as well. Since that material is intended for licensed professionals, encourage your assistant to write down a list of questions they have as they go through those audio and video presentations, and answer those questions for them to catch them up to speed.

Download Example Paralegal Training Program Outline

I’m putting a lot of time this week into finishing additional modules for some of our courses, as well as working on the latest round of re-writes for The Tax Resolution Sales Handbook.

I’m very excited about the next few months, and am thankful that I have the opportunity to share with you the journey of growing our tax practices. Happy Thanksgiving!