Tax Marketing Advanced Tutorial: The one hour per day marketing checklist (with 4 hour expansion pack)

I have long advocated that marketing needs to be a daily priority within your tax practice. In fact, unless the building is burning down, it’s your absolute, number one, top, nothing-else-matters priority for running your business.

Never forget: Without marketing today, you have no new clients tomorrow.

The point of this checklist is to provide you a tool for accomplishing your marketing tasks with laser-focused efficiency. This checklist should be completed during the time of your day when you are at peak performance. Your marketing deserves the best you can give it each day.

For many practitioners, the nature of running a busy practice makes it difficult to do these tasks during the regular work day. Certain items on this checklist can (and often should) be delegated to staff members, with you verifying their completion. But some items require your undivided attention, and I’d encourage you to consider arriving to the office before any other staff each day in order to accomplish these important revenue-generating tasks.

Do note that this is not a marketing startup checklist. Rather, it assumes that you already have the referenced systems in place, and this is your daily roadmap for operating those systems. If you are focused on doing the tasks, and have systems in place, then you can easily hit the by-the-minute markers indicated.

The “bonus points” section of this checklist, which includes tasks that can take several additional hours each day, helps you to achieve ideal tax practice growth. Finding ideal clients, creating marketing systems that feed long-term lead generation on autopilot, and tapping into more complex and lucrative lead generation channels.

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