Last chance to pre-order “Tax Resolution Systems” and save 50%

There are only a few hours remaining for you to pre-order the first edition of the Tax Resolution Systems manual. I’m meeting with my local printer at 3pm Pacific today, so I absolutely need a final unit count prior to that.

If you’ve been on the fence about ordering, don’t forget that, after today, the price for this complete set of checklists for running a tax resolution practice will go up to it’s normal price.

Order your copy here –>

If you’ve never used a checklist-based system to do anything in your practice, then you’re in for a high-efficiency injection of organization and systemization into your practice by following checklists.

This manual includes checklists for everything from your lead generation marketing and conducting sales consultations, all the way to actually resolving the tax debt itself. Using checklists like these to establish procedures and routines in how you do things streamlines your entire operation. It sets standards that you can enforce upon your employees. It also makes your practice worth more if you intend to sell it.

You’re always going to want to spend time tweaking and improving systems, and creating new ones for unique situations in your own practice. And most tax professionals intuitively know this. The problem is that it’s such a daunting task to get started, because nothing like the Tax Resolution Systems checklist compendium has ever existed before.

In exchange for this 50% off price, all I ask is for your feedback on the manual itself. If a checklist step doesn’t make sense, or you think of a checklist that should exist but I didn’t think of it, let me know. All users will be mailed an “update packet” in October with any significant additions/revisions.