IRS Solutions Software Review

Note: Detailed review coming soon.

There are only four full-featured tax resolution software solutions in existence (plus three partial/lite solutions).

When Canopy launched back in 2014, I was an immediate fan. I was an early informal advisor to the company, and brought them many of their earliest customers. Their software was, at the time, quite groundbreaking in terms of features and user interface compared to the two other options that existed on the market at the time, which I wasn’t at all a fan of.

But over time, Canopy started spending more of their development resources on other projects, particularly their practice management software (which I’m not impressed with). As such, the tax resolution piece started to languish. Now, I don’t blame them — the practice management side is the much larger marketplace, and the company has to answer to venture capital firms now. I get it. But this shift in priorities, as well as their recent move to nickel-and-dime pricing on a per case basis, left a very sour taste in my mouth. Because of the pricing change in particular, I just can’t recommend them any further.

Fortunately, a newcomer to the tax resolution software space has been making amazing strides in the past few years: IRS Solutions Software.

This small, family-owned company was started by two Enrolled Agents, and they’re not out chasing all that VC cheddar. Rather, they’re focused on creating great tax resolution software at an affordable price without any nickel-and-diming.

I’m planning on doing a full review of the software soon, with videos and screen shots to show you just how great it is. But until I put that together, I want to encourage you to try it out yourself.

Head on over to, and use coupon code jassen7 to get your first month for just $7. I think you’ll find the interface easier to use, the integrated IRS notice explanations (without additional fee!) to be very helpful, and hands down the best transcript report in the industry (way better than Tax Help Software’s transcript report, in my personal opinion).