#8 Trusting In Your Systems & Staff

In this episode, Dan discusses how he’s able to maintain revenue yet be gone from his practice for all but two weeks out of the entirety of May and June, including nearly three weeks in Italy with his family. We’ll discuss systems he has in place to enable him to do this, and have a lengthy discussion about finding good people and trusting them with your business.

In addition, we answer a few questions from Claudia Moncarz, an attorney in Florida. Specifically, she wanted to know…

  1. What is a good follow up sequence for a tax lien list once they sign up for your opt-in? Do you do the 8-week sequence and then once a month?
  2. Why do you recommend actual snail mail as opposed to email for your newsletter?
  3. For a tax resolution client that is not in compliance, how far back do you go? Do you prepare the last 3 years of returns? 7? More?

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