30-Day 1040 Tax Resolution Marketing Challenge: Day 3

Where are you standing two days into the challenge?

If you’re behind, then no worries. Even if you have zero intention of touching any of this until after Independence Day, that’s cool, too. That’s the beauty of these short, simple tasks, you can get caught up on five days worth in about an hour. They’ll be even shorter today and tomorrow, because I realize nobody really wants to be working during a holiday. But it’s also the perfect time to be doing these sort of tasks, because it mentally reinforces the importance of the marketing habit (hmmm, The Marketing Habit might make a good book title!).

In fact, I’m the same way. So before anybody accuses of me of “phoning it in” the next couple days, let me just admit it straight up. 🙂

Day 3 Challenge

This is going to sound a LOT like Day 1. I mean, a lot like Day 1.

But instead of LinkedIn, head on over to Google Maps and search for “tax preparers”. Pick the five non-franchise preparers that are closest to you, go to their websites, and find an email address or a Contact Us form. Write or call them and introduce yourself, and let them know you’re looking to network.

Time: 10 minutes