3 Cheap Tax Resolution Marketing Strategies

Today’s video provides a significant jump in quality over the one from yesterday. Starting to get lighting and echo figured out, and I even learned how to button my shirt!

In this six minute video, I’ll cover three marketing strategies that you can start using today to grow your tax resolution business. These strategies are all very low cost, and one is even totally free. None of them are complicated, and you can jump in with both feet right away on all three tactics.

Now, I know that some people will look at one or more of these and immediately say, “Well, I need this or that…” or “But my region is different…”

No you don’t and no it’s not.

These three things are incredibly simple, and they do and will work everywhere for every practice. You simply need to implement. For example, you don’t need a script for the third one — and I know for a fact that this will be a common objection to taking action. Just start calling and make it up as you go. “I need a script” is merely an excuse for not taking action.

Without further ado…