Value your time, or nobody else will

Your time is the most valuable asset you possess.

Every second that goes by cannot be replaced. Eventually, time runs out for all of us. Money can be replaced. Clients can be replaced. But your time on this planet cannot.

In this newsletter, I write quite a bit about raising your fees and firing bad clients. Why am I so adamant about this? Because your time is too valuable to waste on clients that frustrate you.

Amazing things start to happen when you place a higher value on your time. You start having fewer payment issues with clients. Your kids notice that you’re home more. You get finish restoring that ’65 GTO that’s been sitting in your garage for 15 years.

Placing a higher value on your time is more than just a mindset, and it’s more than just raising your fees. It means changing your behaviours that cause time drain.

For example, just because you’re a professional in a service industry does not mandate that you are available to clients 24/7. As part of a basic productivity and time management program, you should have set hours during which you’re available. In your appointment book (paper or digital), you should have time blocks for returning phone calls and checking email. Outside of those time blocks, you should not be taking every interruption that walks into your life. You’ve got other work to do that’s already scheduled.

The telephone and email are two of the biggest time vampires that exist. Facebook and other social media has become another. If you have staff, doing their jobs for them is another common problem. If you have to do it for them, then fire them and replace them with somebody that can do the task properly — you shouldn’t be wasting YOUR time.

Start placing a higher value on your time, and start reaping the rewards. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing quite a bit more on this same topic, so stay tuned.