Vacation Sale!

Jassen’s on vacation, and he gave me access to Tax Marketing HQ site. Time for some fun!

(This is Dan Henn, CPA, by the way…)

Since Jassen left me the keys to the kingdom for the next week, I’ve decided to put together some special “Jassen’s-On-Vacation” savings bundles for you. So let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

As you’re probably aware, I’ve put quite a bit of time over the last few weeks delivering the Celebrity Creation Webinar series, as part of my Celebrity Tax Pro System. The entire Celebrity Tax Pro System is available here, but the four core webinars provide a tremendous amount of information to help you become the dominant Celebrity Tax Pro in your local market.

As a special, vacation-only value bundle for Jassen’s customers, I’m offering the replays from these four recent webinars for the bargain basement price of only $197.

These four webinars cover:

1. Celebrity Tax Pro Foundations: Set your sails for a solid foundation in becoming a Celebrity Tax Pro. This webinar replay covers the core elements of your public relations strategy, and sets the stage for you to propel yourself into the local media limelight.

2. Book Authorship: This webinar shows you the ultimate tactical shortcuts for writing a book — without even having to write a book. Writing a book is the ultimate authority positioning statement. Nothing shows your expertise more than handing somebody a book rather than a business card. Plus, making your book available on Amazon and in local book stores is a solid long-term lead generation tactic.

3. Getting On The Radio: Sometimes, people forget that local radio stations still have a broad and powerful reach. Becoming the go-to tax pro for local radio interviews will get you recognition and directly generate leads. Plus, getting your very own radio show provides a massive addition to your marketing arsenal. This webinar shows you how to do it.

4. Getting In To Print Publications: My local newspaper column has generated me thousands and thousands of dollars in new client revenue in the past couple years. I would hate to think where my practice would be right now without this amazing authority positioning vehicle. This webinar will show you how to get your own newspaper column, or published in local business journals and trade magazines.

What is the value of a single new client into your practice?

Think about it. One radio interview that lands you a $500 per year tax prep client that stays with you for 10 years. That’s $5,000.

What about the newspaper column that generates a $4,500 tax resolution client? True story in 2014.

Let’s face it… Marketing can get expensive. But when you leverage the power of print and broadcast media to become the Celebrity Tax Pro in your local market, your cost of client acquisition drops like a rock. What’s it worth to experience this in your own practice?

The correct answer is, “Tens of thousands of dollars per year.”

Your investment in this special package is only $197.

To get this special edition package for only $197, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page.

But wait, there’s more!

I’ve combed through some of Jassen’s training archives, and put together a “best of the best” Tax Resolution Sales & Marketing Vacation Package. This special package contains a tremendous amount of training for the price, and covers the most frequently asked questions that Jassen receives in regards to marketing and selling tax resolution.

Here’s what this special vacation package includes:

1. The replay of last week’s Tax Resolution Marketing Strategies webinar — along with a PDF of the slides. Jassen received a LOT of emails asking for a replay of this webinar and the accompanying slides. Folks were interested in a few slides in particular, such as the extremely detailed slide where Jassen reveals his own pricing structure and rationale. This special vacation package is the ONLY place to receive both the webinar replay and associated slides. Your investment in this vacation special is worth this alone (at least a $197 value).

2. Access to recordings from Jassen’s one-time client appreciation event held back in February in Seattle (which I had the pleasure of attending). At this full day training, Jassen revealed the inner workings of the nation’s most successful tax resolution firms, and how you can apply these principles directly into your own practice. I spent over $600 attending this one-day event, and it was worth every penny. Jassen doesn’t sell these recordings as a stand-alone product, so this vacation special is the absolute best place to get them. (a $600 value)

3. Access to the complete consultative sales training section from Jassen’s “A to Z Tax Resolution Business Blueprint”. This includes over 3 hours of tax resolution sales training, as well as Jassen’s sales training manual that includes telephone scripts for various situations. Jassen used to sell his sales training program for $297.

4. The most frequently asked question about tax resolution sales: How do you quote fees? Jassen answers this in a short yet incredibly valuable PDF called “Real World Fee Examples.” In this PDF, you’ll be walked through specific fee quotation examples and variations, showing you how to quote fees using real world specifics. To some, this information is priceless. It would normally take Jassen an hour to walk somebody through this in a priviate consultation, and his hourly rate is $420.

All told, this Tax Resolution Sales & Marketing Vacation Package is worth at least $1,514. But hey, Jassen ain’t here, so I’m calling the shots.

It’s all yours for $197. Bam, what?!

Wait, you want both???

Save even more! Get both the Celebrity Creation Webinars PLUS the Tax Resolution Sales & Marketing Vacation Package, plus we’ll throw in a special bonus that’s never been announced before now…

The 1120S Marketing Toolkit

A couple weeks ago, Jassen conducted his annual survey of Tax Marketing HQ readers. One of the most surprising results from that survey is that the vast majority of tax professionals that took the survey indicated that they completed fewer than 20 1120 or 1065 returns in 2015.

Here’s the bottom line on small business tax return prep:

  1. Over 70% of all businesses in America are 1120S or 1065 filers.
  2. Even basic 1120S preparation fees are, at a minimum, 4x more than average 1040 prep fees.
  3. Business return preparation fees are in addition to, not inclusive of, the necessary bookkeeping required to get to return status.

With these factors in mind, doesn’t it just make solid business sense for you to add 1120S/1065 preparation to your tax season arsenal?

In December, Jassen and I will be putting our heads together to create a brand new, one of a kind toolkit to help you capitalize on this lucrative opportunity that you’re probably missing out on today. The exact contents of this toolkit are still being discussed, but it will probably be priced at $497 and will contain at least the following (but probably much, much more)…

  • A complete marketing campaign showing you how to target newly formed businesses
  • My inside tips for getting 1120S clients from niche target markets
  • A complete checklist for transitioning Schedule C filers into 1120S filers — at much higher fees
  • And much more!

Again, this toolkit will most likely be priced at $497, but by ordering the Celebrity Creation Webinars + the Tax Resolution Sales & Marketing Vacation Package, you’ll get this 1120S Marketing Toolkit absolutely free — plus you’ll be saving $97 off the individual course prices.

To get started, simply select your special vacation option below:

Celebrity Creation Webinars: Just $197

Tax Resolution Sales & Marketing Vacation Package: $197

BEST VALUE: Both packages + 1120S Marketing Toolkit: Only $297