Today, you have to make an important decision

We’ve got four days left in the tax return filing season.

That means you have four days to figure out what your post-season tax practice is going to look like.

If you’ve set up your life in such a way that you can live for the rest of the year on what you just made during tax season, then here’s a high-five to you. That’s awesome sauce right there.

But if you haven’t set yourself up that way, or you didn’t make enough money during tax season to support your family for the next eight months, then you need to be taking serious stock of what you want your practice to look like from here on out.

The end of tax season is an amazing opportunity for all of us to take a collective sigh of relief, and then figure out our next steps. Some important questions to ask yourself during this spring of rebirth:

  • Am I on track to achieve my revenue goals for 2013?
  • Have I maximized the value I deliver to my existing clients?
  • Do I have a written strategy for achieving my business goals?
  • Is all of my marketing for the rest of the year already planned out?

Very few practitioners can answer yes to all four of these questions. In fact, most practitioners can’t answer yes to any of them.

If you’re reading this, then I can only presume that you have some interest in building your practice through an organized, cohesive strategy. That is, after all, what Tax Marketing Tips is all about. If you’ve been reading for a while, and still aren’t doing anything about your situation, I have to ask: What’s holding you back?

I’ve been in the situation myself where I had the information I need to achieve success, but I just wasn’t using it. If you aren’t living up to your true potential, you honestly have nobody to blame but yourself. You, and only you, hold the key to your future success. It ain’t the economy, it’s not the FTC, it’s not your prospects and clients. If you’re not where you want to be, it’s completely up to you to get off your ass and make it happen.

The actions you take in the next week will shape the rest of 2013 in your tax practice. As a small business, you have the advantage of being nimble. You can change gears from tax preparation season to tax debt resolution season literally overnight. You can start marketing to your clients on extension on April 16th, with just a couple hours of preparation. You can contact your past year clients that didn’t come back this year, and offer them a review of their 2012 return, no matter who prepared it.

(You caught the marketing ideas in the previous paragraph, right?)

Nobody is going to do any of this stuff for you. It really is up to you to take action for moving your business forward.

Three weeks ago I closed out my last collections representation case. In other words, I have no tax client revenue coming in. Guess what I’m doing today?

Guess what I’d suggest making some time for this weekend in your business?

Yep, marketing.