[TMP] June 2013 “Done For You” articles and social media content

We have quite a few new Tax Marketing Premium members this month, so I wanted to provide a quick introduction to this membership benefit for our new folks.

Near the beginning of every month, I’ll post two files in your membership area, in the “Done For You Social Media Content” section and the “Done For You Blog Posts Section”. I’ll usually also reference in a post on the blog such as this one (which gets automatically emailed out to you).

The social media content is exactly that: Short pieces of content you can use on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. They usually consist of success quotes, personal finance tips, business tips, etc. Each month I provide one such item for you to use per day.

Note that tax tips are seldom included — maybe one per month. The reason for this is because you most likely receive plenty of updates yourself from services like Accounting Today, CCH, AICPA, NAEA, NATP, etc. My goal is to help you fill in the gap and provide other interesting social media tidbits that your prospects and clients will be interested in, beyond just the tax elements. This makes your social media presence more varied and interesting, as compared solely to posting tax tips.

Every month, there are also two articles provided that I’ve written that ARE directly tax related. These articles will always be directly related to tax resolution. These are intended to be sent to your prospects as part of a regular email follow up system, included in your monthly print newsletter, or included in your blog.

If posting these on a blog, it is highly advisable to edit the articles into your own “voice”. It’s particularly important to change the title and rewrite the introduction. This is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, and avoiding the “duplicate content penalty” that search engines impose. The bottom line for using these for blog posting is that you are free to do so, but it’s best to use them as a “base” and do a rewrite. For email and print use, it’s fine to use them as-is.

[DAP] June 2013 Social Media Content: [s3mv]2013-06-SM-Content.docx,link[/s3mv]
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June 2013 Articles: [s3mv]Articles-2013-06.docx,link[/s3mv] Contents:

  • How To Apply For Reduction of IRS Penalties
  • Appeals Division: Potentially Your Best Friend At The IRS