The “Dark Magic” marketing webinar scheduled for New Year’s Eve…

Over the past couple weeks, more than one person has pointed out that my choice of Monday evenings for the December webinar series may not have been the best. I’m willing to swallow my pride and admit it: I screwed up.

Originally, Monday evenings this month really did sound like a good idea. But one glance at a calendar obviously shows that both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve were on back-to-back Mondays.

Offering a non-recorded webinar on New Year’s Eve was definitely the icing on the cake.

Since many of you have expressed concern about being able to make it for the “Dark Magic” marketing webinar on New Year’s Eve, where I’m revealing some of the more “gray area” marketing techniques I use occasionally, I’ve decided to not have the live event at all. Against my better judgement, I’m going to record it this weekend, and post the video, audio, and slides in the download area with the other recordings.

This way, everybody will have the chance to watch it, rather than missing out because it’s on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the catch though: Because it’s information I don’t necessarily want “floating” around the Internet, I’m only going to leave it posted for one week.

This seems the fairest way to do things, so that everybody can get the information (you paid for it, after all!).

If you already purchased access to the Tax Practice Success Automation webinar series, you can access your recordings and other documents supplied by visiting and logging in with the password you were supplied.

If you still want in on all this information, but haven’t ordered yet, you can still do so, but only through the end of the month. Visit the Tax Practice Success Automation for a full description of all the materials and to order. Registration absolutely closes on December 31.

Have a safe and happy New Year weekend!