Tax Resolution Marketing

The majority of visitors to this site come in search of tax resolution marketing ideas. On this page, I’ve gathered links to the best posts on this blog regarding how to market and sell your tax resolution services.

Most tax professionals get their first tax debt representation case from an existing client. Perhaps you do a tax return for somebody that results in a 1040 liability they can’t pay, and they ask for your help on it. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t shy away from the opportunity — embrace it.

In this situation, one of the biggest mistakes I see practitioners making these days is that they don’t charge for this service. Even if you’re just completing a basic Form 9465 for a 1040 liability under $10,000, you need to realize that this service is more valuable than the tax return. Too many tax practitioners devalue their own time and services by just including this form of minor tax debt resolution with the tax prep fee. Don’t work for free.

If you want to do tax resolution but don’t have somebody asking for immediate help, then go through old client files to find folks that you can contact and ask them if they need help. This is the most fundamental form of tax resolution marketing that you can do. See this post for an example letter to send, and modify that to tax resolution purposes.

After exhausting your existing client lists and referral sources, it’s time to go outside your existing client relationships and begin generating new tax resolution leads. If you’re completely new to marketing, I would encourage you to first get a basic understanding of direct response marketing principles. I cover this in this book and this book, both of which you can receive at no charge with Tax Resolution Academy® membership.

With some basic marketing fundamentals under your hat, proceed to one of the complete marketing plans that I outline here on the blog: