Tax Marketing QuickTip #4: Direct Mail

“I’m not dead!” -sick man in Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail

I know that I shouldn’t take things people say on the Internet too personally, but I often do. There is a 1-star review on Amazon for one of my books that chaps my hide in particular, because the reviewer states, “The marketing information is outdated…

What he’s referring to in that particular book is that the marketing plan presented centers 100% around direct mail and telemarketing.

Here’s why this comment torques me so much: I have current Platinum members pulling in six figures annually from direct mail. There are old consulting clients from a few years ago that are doing seven figures annually from old direct mail campaigns that they’ve never changed since I designed them.

Direct mail isn’t dead.

In fact, telemarketing and direct mail, in that order, are the two dominant marketing media used to sell tax resolution in this country. We’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars per year of just tax resolution sold through telemarketing and direct mail.

Here’s something else you may not know: One of the most successful tech companies ever created, Google, still uses direct mail sent to newly registered businesses in order to drive sales of their online advertising platform (Adwords).

Here are my top 3 direct mail tips for you:

  1. Mail in sequences. Mailing once is just a waste of money. If you’re going to do direct mail for lead generation, do it right. Multi-hit sequences are the only way to go.
  2. Send the right message to the right people. Sending your seasonal $29 off coupon postcard to a tax lien list is a recipe for failure. So is sending a tax planning consultation offer to low income 1040 filers. It’s called “market to message match”, and you’ve got to have it. I rarely mention the first book I wrote for tax pros, but read Effective Copywriting for Accounting Professionals for in depth coverage of this topic.
  3. Use direct mail for long-term client/prospect follow up. Email autoresponders are awesome, I love them and use them frequently. However, there is nothing more effective for converting your best prospects into clients, and keeping your existing clients coming back, than using a monthly direct mail contact. Be it a newsletter or otherwise, this is probably the single best monthly investment you can make in your business.
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The Tax Marketing HQ blog is chock full of additional direct mail articles. Direct mail can be challenging at times, and I’ll be the first to admit that it can be expensive and frustrating to “dial in” direct mail campaigns. But once you tweak it to work in your market, to your target audience, then you can run direct mail campaigns for years without much change, and profit handsomely from doing so.