Survey Results: The #1 thing that tax practitioners are concerned about

Last week, I sent out a very brief survey to readers asking you what your biggest concerns were regarding the future of your practice. Thank you very much to everybody that took the time to provide their feedback.

If you’ve been reading these articles for long enough, you’ve seen my repeat something over and over regarding marketing: Test everything, because what you believe may not actually be the truth. This survey precisely proved that point.

I’ve long “assumed” that the two biggest concerns held by tax practitioners had to do with:

1. Converting your prospects into clients that actually give you money, and
2. Offering more and higher priced services to existing clients, aka, getting a bigger and bigger slice of each customer’s possible overall business.

And this is why you should always test assumptions, because I was flat out wrong!

The survey is still open, so if you haven’t taken it you can do so by going to – it takes less than a minute to complete. But, based on the responses so far, the #1 concern shared by tax professionals is….(drumroll, please…)

New lead generation.

A whopping 92% of respondents so far selected new lead generation as the topic they wanted to know more about. My two assumptions indicated above came in at 38% and 23%, respectively, but that’s a huge gap between the #1 and #2 answers. Just for sake of curiosity, “practice management best practices” came in 3rd, with 31% of the vote.

I was happy to see that a full 2/3 of readers selected the written word as their preferred learning medium. However, I’m sure that result is skewed by the fact that most readers of this newsletter are, well…readers. I don’t generally do a lot of audio and video, since I prefer to write, so that result does make sense.

Surprisingly, however, only one person selected “live webinars”. That definitely explains why my webinar attendance, when I do them, have always been incredibly low. Based on that result, the upcoming Offer in Compromise session will be a recorded video that you can download and watch at your leisure, rather than a live webinar. I will make the tax and accounting content of that presentation at least 50 minutes long before going into the marketing portion, so that some of you may be able to use it as qualifying CPE/CLE (check with your state board/bar).

Thanks again to everybody that participated in the survey. I definitely learned something, and hopefully as a result I will create more applicable content for you in the future.