Success loves speed

For pretty much any rapidly growing business, the secret behind that success is speed of implementation.

This mantra is most commonly associated with the Silicon Valley tech bro culture. In the early days of Facebook, for example, it was common for new feature releases to break something else on the rapidly growing social media site. Mark Zuckerberg famously embraced this concept, saying, “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

Speed breeds success in other ways. It means launching new services before your local competitors do. It means implementing marketing campaigns in new types of media before your competitors do. It means accelerating your prospect follow up efforts so that you close new clients before your competition does.

Speed implies taking decisive, immediate action. The tax firm owner that attends a conference and purchases a marketing widget, but leaves it sitting on the shelf, would have been better off not buying the marketing widget at all. In contrast, the tax firm owner at the same conference, buying the same marketing widget, but that implements it right then and there, before even leaving the conference, will be the winner that sees the results.

If you’re the tax firm owner, you need to move fast, and not be timid about taking action if you want to grow your business. As Zig Ziglar once said, “Timid sales people have skinny kids.” (And yes, if you own the tax firm, you are a sales person, whether you like it or not).

This is why I created my 60-day tax resolution firm startup plan.

It guides you step-by-step, through specific actions, each day for 60 days. At the end of that 60 days, you have multiple marketing campaigns going on at the same time.

And even if you don’t like a specific marketing tactic I mention in the 60-day arc of things, that’s fine — swap it out with something you do like. Heck, the core of the whole 60-day plan is tax lien marketing. Since ACS isn’t recording NFTL’s right now, it’s kinda hard to implement the low hanging fruit new lien marketing tactic. OK, fine, do something else (such as mining the PTIN list for professional referral sources).

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Point is… Do something. Do it every day. Implement. Quickly.

The sooner you start…the faster you implement…the more you do in parallel… The faster you’ll see results.

All of this is explained in gory detail in that 60-day startup course. I don’t remember exactly how long that course is, but I think it’s 20-30 hours of material. It’s very, very detailed.

Even though you may need to modify some of the concepts for the current business environment, the concepts still work — and it’s all about rapid implementation.

If you haven’t yet started your taxpayer representation journey, but want to get on board while the getting is good, then you should follow the 60 days of lessons presented in that course.

Existing Tax Resolution Academy® members can access it here.

Non-members can access it… Well, nowhere.

When I first created it, it was going to be my $1997 “flagship course” to replace the older $3,000 course from 2013 that I had already taken off the market.

But when we launched the Academy, it was quite apparent that The 60-Day Tax Resolution Startup Plan belonged inside the Academy. So that’s where it lives, and it’s not available anywhere else.

To get access to it, join the Academy.

But you’ll need to do it soon. You literally only have 11 days left in which to become an Academy member before we close the doors for at least 6 months.

There will be absolutely zero exceptions to this. Anybody that comes begging for admission to the Academy after August 31 will simply be told “NO”.

Also, when we do re-open, I assure you that it will be at a higher price. The current monthly rate is a bargain for what we provide, especially in comparison to competitor’s programs. I always tell YOU to “charge what the market will bear” in terms of your own fees for clients, but I’ve long failed to drink my own Kool-Aid in that regard when it comes to this business. That will be corrected when the Academy doors re-open in 2021.

But existing members are grandfathered at their current pricing for as long as they remain an active member. So, lock in at the lower rate now, and implement rapidly between now and next filing season.

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