Keywords make your tax site sparkle

In the internet marketing world, there’s an old saying: “Content is king, but keywords are queen.”

We’ve already discussed the value of having frequently updated, educational content on your website. (Notice how this is also how lead generation and prospect follow up works best by direct mail and email? Yep, there’s a theme here.)

However, in order to get free traffic to your web site via the search engines, you need to make a special effort to use words and phrases in your articles that people are actually going to search for. On top of that, when you or somebody else creates a link to your website from somewhere else, you need to use the right keyword phrases as your link text (link text are the actual words that show in color or underlined that you click that represents the link).

Why is this so important?

When you use the right keyword phrases in the right places and in the right proportion, your web site will rank higher for those particular phrases. For example, if people commonly search for the term “irs debt help chicago”, then you’re going to want to make a special effort to include that phrase in your articles and links to your site.

Of course, you can’t overdo it — the search engines all have mechanisms for detecting what is called “keyword stuffing”. Keyword stuffing is when you overly use a keyword phrase, or simply put long lists of keyword phrases on a web page. Again, all the major search engines have methods for detecting this, and it is not an advisable practice, as most search engines, including Google, will majorly penalize you for doing this.

What the search engines look for is a normal occurrence of the search phrase within a normally flowing set of paragraphs. You must take care not to overuse the keyword, but also take special care to occasionally sprinkle it around. Significant amount of research has gone into the ideal frequency of keyword phrases within articles, and following such guidelines and not overdoing it is important to avoid getting blacklisted by the search engines.

Finding the right keywords to use in your writing and links is a worthwhile exercise. Numerous tools exist to help you identify the best keywords, and we’ll discuss these tools in future articles and courses.

Next time, we’ll talk about other elements of your web site that contribute to converting visitors into leads.