How to recapture “lost” website visitors

After weeks of preparation, you’ve finally launched your brand new web site.
You’ve invested thousands of dollars into direct mail to targeted lists to drive people to the new site. You’ve updated links in your Kindle book. And you’ve launched a hundreds of dollars per day in targeted Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn ads.
You anxiously await the tsunami of new leads into your tax firm.
And you wait.
And wait some more.
The morning becomes night… Day one becomes a week.
What happened?
There are countless reasons why your web site might not be generating leads. Do you have the right offer? Is it easily visible on every device, including mobile? Does it genuinely resonate with your target audience?
Troubleshooting your response rates is one thing. But watching thousands of dollars in advertising vaporize with nothing to show for it is another thing altogether.
In the past, sophisticated technologies that would allow us to do something with all those unconverted website visitors didn’t exist for us little guys. But, oh, the times are changin’!
Today, thanks to companies like Facebook and AdRoll, it’s dirt simple to recapture lost website visitors and target only them in future advertising.
You’ve probably experienced this yourself while browsing the web. Ever been looking at a shirt on one web site, then a few hours later see an ad for that exact same shirt while browsing a newspaper site?
It’s called retargeting.
For privacy advocates, it’s downright scary.
For marketers, it’s a dream come true.
Oh, and pssssttttt….. If you own a tax practice, you’re a marketer.
Last week in Las Vegas, at the Tax Resolution Leadership Conference, I dragged Stephen Venuti, CPA to the front of the room to serve as the guinea pig for a tax lien marketing demonstration. As often happens, we ended up going off on several different tangents. They were productive tangents for the attendees, but still kept us from full finishing the demonstration — despite having four full hours to do so.
Because we didn’t get through everything, I asked Stephen if he would be willing to sit in the hot seat for a couple more hours, and he agreed. So, that’s what we’re going to do.
Specifically, the part we didn’t get to was how to use the tracking data we collect from with our sneaky technology to drive future profits.
On June 8th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT, I will be walking Stephen through a LIVE 2-hour demo of how to do exactly that. We’ll cover…
  • What to do with the visitor data that we’re logging.
  • How to show ads only to those people that have already visited your site before (and thus already know who you are — increasing the odds of converting them to clients).
  • What offers to make to those retargeted visitors.
  • How to implement this retargeting strategy across your entire marketing funnel to maximize the long-term ROI of past marketing expenditures.
We’re going to get nerdy. It’s going to be technical. And you’re probably going to want to watch the replay.
This is down and dirty, hard core implementation stuff here. And yes, we will leave time for Q&A, because I know there will be some.
Attendance is only $99, and you can click here to register.
In order to provide context for the live webinar, I’m also going to give you access to the 3 hour, 40 minute screen capture and audio recording from the Las Vegas tax lien marketing demonstration. Yes, I know that’s a long video. It won’t be absolutely required that you watch this video prior to the webinar, as the retargeting components can be done out of sync with the rest of your marketing funnel.
However, you’ll want to watch the full three hours and forty minutes at some point, because there is a lot of marketing gold in there. Since most attendees to the live event paid $799 (plus their travel costs) to attend that 3-day event, that morning session is worth at least $145, just in terms of the registration fee. But, it’s important, so I’m including it at no extra charge with the webinar.
Please note that we will not be offering CPE credit for this webinar, since it’s just impractical to do so for the type of demonstration that we’re doing.
If you want to take advantage of what modern technology has to offer, and increase the long-term return on your marketing investment, then I would highly encourage you to attend this 2-hour live online event.
To your success,
Jassen Bowman
P.S. This webinar will be a one-time only event, and the replay will not be available on it’s own afterwards. In fact, the replay will be added to a new tax resolution digital marketing toolkit that I’m assembling, the price for which will be somewhere around $1,000. So be sure to take advantage of this opportunity now. Click here to register.