Engaging your prospects with your direct mail

What is the best way to get somebody’s attention?

First, everybody’s favorite word is their own name. So, personalize your mail pieces. This is something we will discuss later in the week, however.

Second most important has to do with a copywriting topic: You must enter the “conversation” that is going on in somebody’s head. For our purposes, that internal conversation has to do with their tax issues. If people are stressing out over their tax matters, then we are going to use that stressor as a way to get their attention and engage our prospects.

When we use the right combination of words, we can enter this conversation in our prospect’s head, and get them to keep reading. These same words sent to somebody that is NOT stressing out about their tax situation will have no effect, but that’s OK — they are not a good prospect for our services anyway.

Once we have somebody’s attention, and we have entered this mental conversation of theirs, the next thing that is best for us to do is to present them a solution to their problem that can make that problem go away. This is where our widgets come into play.

Our widgets are offered to our potential prospects as a way to to engage them. Remember, we want to get people to raise their hands and tell us that they want more information. While at this point they may not immediately purchase our services, we have at least separated them from the general public and can continue to market to them.

To successfully engage prospects, we need to give them special reports and other information that directly addresses their problem. We need to give them tools to evaluate their eligibility for an OIC, give them the right questions to ask to evaluate tax practitioners, and give them instructions for solving specific pieces of their problem.

Once you switch your marketing to this type of engagement, and use tools like special reports to educate your prospects, you are going to have a radically different interaction with your prospects — the kind that you’d prefer to have.