December issue of Tax Marketing Monthly now available

It’s a few days late, but this month’s issue of Tax Marketing Monthly is now available for premium members.

This month, the entire newsletter is about one topic: Public relations. Specific articles in this month’s issue cover:

  1. 32 reasons for sending out a press release
  2. How to write more effective press releases
  3. How to be a super-star talk show guest
  4. What to expect when you have your first media appearance
  5. A simple, repeatable strategy for getting through to editors and producers

The Marketing Piece of the Month is a sample press release to send to local media outlets announcing your availability for interviews during tax season to discuss how to handle a tax liability. This is a press release that you can modify inside of five minutes, and then fax, email, and mail (yes, do all three!) to local newspapers, business publications, radio stations, television and cable outlets.

This is the perfect time of year to be using media relations as a marketing method. Get yourself some exposure in the media, and use that exposure to generate leads. Also, the credibility that comes with it can be used for years to come in your other marketing to help you convert prospects to clients.

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