30-Day Tax Firm Marketing Challenge: Day 14

We’ve made it two full weeks into this wild and crazy ride. What kind of new habits are you developing as a result? Hit “reply” to this email and let me know!

Here are your Day 14 challenges…

Online Marketing
Create your Facebook page.
Estimated time: 10 minutes

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in America. Most people that use Facebook spend an average of half an hour per day on the platform, either via the site or the mobile app.

It also so happens that Facebook has been the single best paid advertising platform for my businesses for three solid years running. It’s significantly cheaper than Google Adwords, and offers better targeting and ad options.

We’ll talk more about Facebook ads in the near future, but in order to create Facebook news feed ads, you first need to create a Facebook page for your business.

Login to your personal Facebook account, and then go to this page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create. Choose either the “Local Business” or “Company, Organization, Institution” option. I think the local business option looks better.

Use the name of your business as the page name, and your own mugshot as the profile photo. For your cover photo, take a photo of your office from the street, or a photo of your staff if you have a team. Add in your basic contact info, your hours of operation, link to your website, etc. For today, keep it simple. We’ll spruce it up a little bit tomorrow.

Offline Marketing
Hire a part-time telemarketer to assist your marketing and follow up efforts.
Estimated Time: 1-2 hours

I firmly believe that, even in 2016, the telephone needs to be part of your marketing toolbox. Telemarketing directly sells half a billion dollars worth of tax resolution work in this country every year. Nearly every venture capital-backed software company coming out of Silicon Valley these days uses outbound telephone calls to sell their product. Without the telephone, the insurance industry would probably die.

You should use the telephone for a variety of purposes. Follow up with prospects that didn’t retain your services. Invite leads to a webinar or seminar. Follow up on offers sent via direct mail and email.

Who to hire? Think outside the box. Research shows that people with an acting background, such as theater majors and unemployed actors, are great on the phone because they know how to play a character. Also look to business majors at your local community college or university.

Keep your scripts for these folks simple. Make sure they have a concrete objective. E.g., all they’re doing is trying to get an email address to send a webinar invite, or schedule an appointment, or transfer the call to you. Keep it simple.

Practice Management
Review your staff compensation and benefits.
Estimated Time: 60-90 minutes

Recruiting and retaining the best employees requires that you offer competitive compensation and benefits. The more competitive you are in this arena, the pickier you can be when it comes to hiring new staff.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sites out there that provide this information, and also plenty of companies that make it incredibly simple to be competitive, such as Gusto and Zenefits (despite their recent bad press).

Spend some time perusing job ads on Craigslist and other sites to find out what your competitors are offering in terms of pay. Look up your own job openings and currently filled positions on salary comparison search sites. Do some research into what bonus plans look like, especially for end of busy season.

Are you competitive in the pay and benefits arena? If you are frustrated with the quality of applicants you get for the jobs you hire for, this might be part of the problem. Better staff make for more profitable firms, so don’t cheap out when it comes to hiring quality people.