Creating online lead generation funnels

A little over a year ago I wrote this article on how to get inbound leads with no outbound marketing, and to this day it is one of the most popular articles I’ve ever written for the Tax Marketing HQ blog. If you haven’t read it, take the time to do so, including the comments section.

Recently, I’ve had a sudden increase in the number of people asking me for help in creating a similar system. If you’re looking for a completely turnkey, hands off solution, I highly recommend working with Nate Hagerty’s team at to create your primary web site and online lead generation funnel for your tax practice as a whole, including social media.

If you already have a primary web site, however, and are looking to create separate lead generation sites for specific services (like tax resolution) or for specific niche industries (such as truck drivers or dentists), then creating such sites is fairly straightforward. In a nutshell, the process looks like this:

1. Get a web hosting account and install WordPress.

2. Sign up for an email autoresponder system and create a web form offering a free report or other lead generation “widget” in order to collect email addresses.

3. Install the web form on WordPress.

4. Write regular, frequent blog posts.

5. Take other actions to drive traffic to the web site.

6. Take other actions, such as writing a book and public speaking, in order to establish credibility and expert status.

There’s obviously much more that goes into each of the steps, but this is the basic process.

Due to the high demand for a more thorough examination of the process, my next immediate project is a detailed blueprint of how I created my entire online lead generation system. I don’t have a fancy title for the manual yet, but I’ll have it done within the next two to three weeks. Next week, I’ll set up a pre-order system in case you’d like to pre-order your copy at a reduced introductory price.

Update: Order Creating Online Tax Client Lead Funnels here.

If you’re looking to create a high volume of new leads, nothing beats outbound direct response marketing via the mail and telephone. But for creating a slow, but steady, trickle of high quality inbound leads at an extremely low cost, it’s worthwhile to have multiple online lead generation funnels in place.

More on this new project next week, but now it’s time for me to head out and explore the beautiful city of Basel, Switzerland, before heading back down to Geneva to catch a short flight to Spain, where I’ll be attending a music festival for the weekend.