Podcast Episode #6: The Proper Care & Feeding of Clients, Staff, and Self with Salim Omar, CPA

On this episode of The Profitable Accountant Podcast, Salim Omar, CPA joins me to discuss creating an environment for success for everybody that comes in contact with your practice. Salim is the founder of Straight Talk CPAs in Morganville, NJ, and author of Straight Talk About Small Business Success in New Jersey. Salim is also the founder of CPA Marketing Genius, where he works with CPAs in private practice to help them attract new clients and optimize internal operating procedures.… Continue reading

Pitbull vs Canopy: Battle of the Tax Resolution Software Titans

“Should I use Pitbull or Canopy?”

“What’s the best tax resolution software?”

…and other variations on this same question have become the #1 thing I get asked on the “Ask Me Anything” webinars that I occasionally host.

Note: This is an old review, published in 2019. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend Canopy. See my current recommendation here.

Since it’s a question that inevitably turns into a 15-20 minute conversation about features, pricing, and user interfaces, I’ve decided to create this page to have a place to send all the folks that ask the question. So if I sent you here because you asked the question, please don’t be offended — I’ve simply gotten tired of repeating myself over and over and over and…

To cut straight to the chase…

1). There are only four full-service tax resolution software programs that I’m aware of. One of them is really old and archaic, one of them is too new and behind the 8-ball. That leaves Pitbull and Canopy. 2021 Update: Sometimes, the new kid on the block takes a few years to grow up into something amazing. Such is the case with the software I was dismissing when I first wrote this post in 2019. Check ’em out.

2). What about Audit Detective from Tax Help Software? Yes, it’s a great tool — I used it myself when I was in practice. If you want a stand-alone transcript analysis tool without all the other features of a full-service tax resolution software package, then by all means get Audit Detective and don’t even bother looking elsewhere. But if you want a full package suite, that’s not what they do. 2021 Update: The THS transcript report has been eclipsed! <gasp!> Yes, indeed! For my new recommendation for full featured tax resolution software, read this review.

3). Don’t be a cheapskate on this. The price difference between Pitbull and Canopy is insignificant. Both platforms offer the exact same core features, such as client portal, document management, 433 questionnaire, resolution options determination, etc. They both offer additional features for additional fees. How they break out those features and fees is very different. For example, transcript service is included at no cost with Canopy, but Pitbull charges an extra $250/yr for it. They also both charge extra for practice management features, such as time tracking, billing, payment processing, etc. With Pitbull, you’re going to be in … Continue reading