Audit Protection Plan & POA Monitoring Service Toolkit

Recently copied by another “guru”, but this is the original! There’s absolutely no reason for you to pay $1997 for an engagement letter and simple instructions on how to add this recurring revenue source to your tax practice. Engagement letters, instructions, and video explaining recurring revenue models for your practice.

941 Resolution Quick Start & Toolkit

Payroll taxes are the IRS’ #1 enforcement priority, since they fund the day-to-day operations of the federal government. 941 debtors are also 59% of the entire tax resolution market, pay higher fees, and are simply more interesting cases.

Get started today in this highly lucrative sub-niche of the taxpayer representation market today with this comprehensive technical training and marketing system combination.

Real Estate Tax Pro Toolkit Deluxe

Due to their failure to properly make estimated tax payments, self-employed individuals represent a significant percentage of IRS tax debtors. One of the largest sub-groups, and also one of the largest accumulators of tax debt due to their high income, happens to be real estate agents. This is an amazing niche to specialize in, and this marketing toolkit from Dan Henn, CPA, CTR will show you how to attract these specialized clients.