Well, *that* took long enough…

Two years. That’s how long it’s taken me to complete a project that, in reality, should have already existed.

For somebody that talks about systems so much, I’ve never had a complete systems manual available to give folks that wanted it. Many of the practice management and tax resolution checklists that I’ve used in practice were locked up in various formats — such as PHP code built into the TaxCRM system, or as Excel spreadsheets, or as checklists that I carried over from the real estate industry and just made changes on the fly as I was using them, rather than properly documenting them.

The systems covered in this new manual cover all aspects of running a taxpayer representation practice. (Hint: Many of these will apply equally well to a pure tax preparation or accounting practice, too.) Just a short sample list of the checklists included:

  • Daily Marketing Checklist
  • Marketing Setup Checklists
  • Business Management Checklists
  • Administrative Assistant Hiring Checklist
  • Goals Checklists
  • Case Management Checklists
  • New Client Intake Checklist
  • Installment Agreement Negotiation Checklist
  • Offer in Compromise Checklist

…and many, many more. In all, there are over 300 pages of checklists included here for managing your tax practice.

On September 10th, we’re doing a limited pre-publication print run of the manual. What do I mean by “pre-publication”? It basically means two things:

  1. You can get it now for 50% off.
  2. I want your feedback on typos, clarity of the checklist steps, that sort of thing.

To order your pre-publication copy of the Tax Resolution Systems manual –> https://taxresolutionacademy.com/systems/

I would already expect that, by now, you understand the power of systemizing things in your practice. Efficiency is your friend for maximizing profitability. Now is your chance to get their faster.

Order Tax Resolution Systems here.