Using marketing widgets to establish credibility and expert status

Another way of thinking about the type of direct response marketing I write about in this newsletter is to think of it as “educational marketing”.

Educational-style marketing allows you to separate your actual service from what you market. People love to know things, and if they have a problem in their life that is related to your services, they are going to be interested in learning about possible solutions.

Many of the widgets that we use in tax services marketing are educational in nature. There is an interesting byproduct of doing this: Your educational widgets for lead generation establish you as an expert in your field.

When you are perceived as an expert, you are definitely sitting on the “right side of the desk”, which is where you want to be. If they come to you as the expert on their particular problem, it also allows you to charge higher fees for specialized services. As the old saying goes, “You can’t be all things to all people.” So, use your lead generation marketing and accompanying widgets to establish yourself as an expert in a particular niche specialty, and specialists can command higher fees.

Using educational widgets in your marketing also serves to establish a special form of credibility for you and your firm: By providing free educational information, you avoid coming across as a pushy salesperson. This comes right back around to being on the right side of the desk. By using marketing widgets to build your expert status and credibility (really, these widgets are selling YOU), you aren’t put into a position of having to directly sell.

Putting together effective marketing widgets that demonstrate your ability to solve a prospect’s problem puts you in the driver’s seat with your clients. Through these marketing widgets, your prospects come to like and trust you, which are two of the most important factors in turning a prospect into a client.

Start using direct response marketing widgets that inform, entertain, and educate your prospects. Connect with your prospects through these materials, and communicate with them regularly in this manner, and you will have a long-term stream of good prospects and new clients.