Unique tax practice opportunity [Free Webinar]

I want to ask you a serious question:

How will you live the remainder of your life?

Take a moment to really think about that question.

I can tell you how most tax practitioners will end up living the remainder of their lives…

  • Waking up every day to a practice that they hate
  • Working hard every day without practice or lifestyle improvement
  • No respect from staff, clients, family, and friends regarding their profession
  • Nothing to show for it all at the end. No retirement, No lifestyle.

That’s why I’m hosting a very important webinar with my good friend Salim Omar, CPA this coming Friday at noon PST/3pm EST. He will share his best practice management advice on how you can eliminate stress from your day-to-day activities, while getting MORE done, and finally start running the practice you’ve always hoped for.

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Salim will share with you how he went from running a practice that was sucking the life (and profits) out of him to now operating a business that he has TOTAL control over and gives him the autonomy lifestyle he was so desperate for most of his career.

This Webinar is about Clients. How to attract clients you actually enjoy working with without strain or struggle, ready to do business with you, refer their family and friends, show appreciation for the work you do, and totally immune from your competition.

This Webinar is about Money. About making it quicker, easier, and in bigger chunks than you’re used to. About accumulating it more certainly, faster, to achieve real wealth, security, and independence. But this is just
more than “making” money. It’s about what you need NOT trade in order to get all the money you want. Freedom! (Which is what the final part is all about).

This Webinar is about Freedom. To multiply your income without multiplying your workload, hours, or headaches. To doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want, on the terms you want. Living the ultimate autonomy lifestyle.

Space is limited for this event and it will fill up soon.

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Salim is like me, in that he actually makes more money IMPLEMENTING the powerful strategies he teaches in his practice rather than from TEACHING them. Make sure you don’t miss this event — remember, it’s absolutely free.
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