These three are going away

Last week in the Bahamas served as my personal retreat for working ON my businesses, rather than just IN my businesses.

This is an exercise that larger accounting firms often do to take stock of the year to date (usually right after tax season), and to plot out the future of the practice. It is something that I feel every business owner should do, no matter how big or small.

A number of big “Aha!” moments came out of my time in Nassau. One has to do with my own tax practice, and I’ve thus decided to take action on an idea I’ve had for a few months. This involves a highly specialized sub-set of the taxpayer representation world. I’m going to start testing this in early 2014, and you’ll hear more about it here.

At the same time, I’ve decided to make some changes with Tax Marketing HQ. I’m taking steps to bring even greater value to Premium members, will be launching a mastermind group program soon, and am creating a comprehensive “Done For You” setup program.

Before all that, however, I’ve decided to consolidate all current training programs. On the surface, this means that I’ve decided to discontinue my three “flagship” training courses. After November 8th, these three courses will no longer be available individually.

What that means is that if you’ve been sitting on the fence in regards to the Tax Marketing Toolkit, Consultative Sales course, or Tax Resolution Mastery Course, now is your last chance to snap them up. All three of these courses have been closeout priced at 30% off the regular rate.

Why am I offering these at 30% off? I’ve decided to shift my focus to offering more personalized training and support services to a small group of tax professionals. As such, I will not be updating these courses in the future. The 30% off is to account for the fact that they will now be fixed in their current state.

What exactly do these programs cover? Here’s a brief run down:

The Tax Resolution Mastery Course is a comprehensive technical training program to learn the ins and outs of IRS Collections representation. This course provides complete training on things such as client intake, negotiating installment agreements, applying for an OIC, penalty abatements, working with Appeals, and more. It also provides all of my client intake forms, template letters, and other “insider” tips for working cases. This course is available until Nov. 8 for 30% off.

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The Tax Resolution Marketing Toolkit contains a massive library of marketing samples that you will have license to modify and deploy within your own practice. It provides a complete education in marketing, and gives you the marketing plans for both lead generation and prospect follow to help you get more clients. It’s not just a course, it’s literally a toolbox containing the specific tools you need for growing a practice through effective marketing. This toolkit is literally a goldmine, and yours now at 30% off.

Lastly, the Consultative Selling For Tax Resolution Professionals course leads you through conducting effective, no pressure consultations with tax debt prospects, and shows you how to effortlessly get through the process of closing the sale and getting paid. Not only is this a “traditional” sales training program, presented entirely from a tax resolution perspective, but it also eliminates slimey, sleazy sales tactics and cuts straight to the core of how to easily close sales and get paid. Sales is an essential skill for any tax professional, and this course is now 30% off, through Nov. 8th only.

I invite you to take advantage of this limited time opportunity to get your hands on the best tax resolution marketing, sales, and technical training available.

Did I mention the 30% off? This is a significant discount from normal course pricing, and I can guarantee it will never be repeated, so be sure to take advantage of this offer before these all go away on November 8th.