The Value of Client Reviews In Your Tax Firm Marketing Efforts & How to Get Them

Having your happy clients post positive online reviews of your practice have become an essential component of online marketing for your tax firm. In our crowded online marketplace, consumers may still find it difficult to ascertain whether your accounting firm, tax office, or tax resolution firm is a legitimate company. Intelligent consumers frequently read Yelp, Google, and BBB reviews to evaluate your company. Potential clients want to find out if your business provides mediocre, poor or excellent customer service.

Take Advantage of Known Marketing Strategies

If your tax practice has received unfavorable published reviews, a reputation management strategy via sound search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can make a difference. Establish the future success of your company by using strategies that promote your business online. Positive reviews enable consumers to know if your company is a reputable business and that you’re a competent practitioner. The following blog post will provide you with helpful information about the significance attributed to positive reviews posted by your satisfied clients. If you want to know how to impress your client base enough to warrant a sufficient amount of five-star reviews, study these helpful techniques.

Do not Underestimate the Views of Contemporary Consumers

If you are a CPA, EA, or attorney, you need to be aware of how prospective clients become aware of your tax practice. Today’s enlightened consumers have ways to check out your company before deciding whether they want to buy your products or subscribe to your services. Reviews make it easier for potential clients to make decisions. Restaurant reviews are good examples. With the help of websites that include Yelp reviews and Google reviews, consumers can read opinions of amateur food and wine connoisseurs before they make reservations at their local restaurants. Prospective customers want to know more about the menu selections and prices. Accordingly, people do not want to waste their time eating at restaurants with negative reviews. The same principle applies to you in your tax resolution marketing, tax prep marketing, bookkeeping marketing, etc.

Positive Reviews Enable your Business to Grow

Consumers do not look favorably on your firm if they are unable to find any reviews. A lack of reviews looks as though your business is either unknown or fails to make its mark in the online marketplace. People want to know whether other consumers are familiar with your services. Plus, the American public is anxious to discover whether your business practices yield poor, average, or excellent results. There is no question that 5-star reviews offer you a better chance to achieve a top search position in a sea of hopeful competitors. As a self-employed accountant or lawyer, you obviously need to ensure that your website takes advantage of the best content marketing techniques, but as Christian Jones explained in our local SEO crash course earlier this year, you can only do so much with “on page” factors. It is important to learn how to get clients to write impressive reviews about your tax firm. Since the online marketplace is populated with numerous CPAs and attorneys, your best bet is to obtain reviews that make your business stand out from the competition.

Reviews Appeal to Sophisticated People of all Ages and Genders

Potential customers no longer need to ask relatives and acquaintances about their opinions regarding businesses. It is also becoming less and less common for people to ask their friends and family for referrals, especially among younger consumers (yeah, Millennials, I know, I know). Instead, informed consumers choose to read online reviews because comments offer a complete gamut of opinions. Although reviews about your company may occasionally seem contradictory, they help consumers recognize your business as a distinct entity differing from other similar businesses offering tax and accounting services. People can even find online opinions written by others who reside in their own neighborhoods. Reviews open wider doors for consumers who have grown accustomed to gleaning more information about businesses before they agree to part with their money.

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Let People have Access to More Information about Your Services

Reviews offer a wide array of opinions in a short amount of time. Plus, reviews posted online are more plentiful and varied than taking the word of one neighbor or a trusted uncle. An online review may provide consumers with greater detail about a particular service, such as tax resolution, which helps them evaluate the appropriateness of that service for their own needs. Furthermore, due to the local search and geographical relevance of online reviews, positive reviews may assist you in gaining more clients who live near the location of your business.

Try to Attain High Rankings on Google and other Search Engines

You improve the search engine positioning of your website when your business has favorable reviews. Gain new clients when consumers post online Yelp reviews and Google reviews about your tax practice. With the right SEO techniques, your website has the ability to attract new visitors in growing numbers. Benefit from techniques used to generate organic traffic to your website. When people are searching for specific services, they will see your website without having to search through dozens of pages. Online reviews give you the chance to merit higher SEO rankings. With consistently high rankings, people tend to write positive reviews pertaining to your business.

Google Favors the Merits of Positive Reviews

Google pays attention to client reviews because these comments reveal whether or not consumers appreciate your business. Google takes note of the fact that numerous people took the time to write and publish glowing reviews pertaining to your company. For instance, an Italian restaurant with top reviews typically appears within the first few pages of a search engine. But negative reviews may mean that no one is going to see the listing without taking the time to perform an extensive search. Your business needs to have several five-star reviews if your goal is to have a steady flow of visitors. Fortunately for us, very few tax and accounting professionals bother to take the time to claim their online directory listings and obtain any reviews at all, so it is generally simple and easy to boost your SEO by getting reviews.

Get a Free Google Listing on Google My Business

You can create a free listing on your Google My Business page to assist you in maintaining an excellent reputation and ranking on Google. Plus, take advantage of using proven reputation management techniques to correct unfavorable reviews. Get involved with popular social media platforms that enable you to communicate with past, present and future clients. With a Google My Business page, you can control comments and read reviews posted by the competition’s customers.

A Few Words about Managing your Reputation

Growing a business involves numerous endeavors that include the management of your reputation. Of course, the best way to ensure that your business has a good reputation is to offer excellent client service on every level. Customers will find it difficult to criticize your company if you provide them with superior service. Excellent customer service that seeks to honor every client also paves the way to achieving a reputable online image.

However, an occasional mistake may result in a devastating online reivew that makes your company have a negative image. Manage your reputation by responding to critical tweets, reviews, and comments with positive answers. Apologize to clients who have complaints. Offer reasonable explanations for their unpleasant experiences. Promise clients that you will make every effort to satisfy their requirements. If you are going to embrace this particular online marketing strategy, you have to “own it”, and you must make every effort to reach out to existing and potential clients and gain their trust.

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Ways to Obtain Reviews from your Clients

Do not rely on random comments posted by customers. You must be proactive. You need to find ways to promote your business that include plentiful, outstanding reviews. You should be overtly ASKING your clients to provide you with reviews, and make it easy for them to get to the appropriate web page for entering their review.

Although it may at first seem unnatural to ask for reviews, this method is one of the best ways to obtain encouraging comments that promote your business. Send your clients emails in which you ask for their reviews, and include the link to the review page. If you see clients physically in your office, provide them with review request cards that include simple, shortened URLs that go to the review entry page. Consider creating a contest offering the best reviewers small gifts as rewards for their efforts. In addition, you may want to take advantage of using an app that includes a pop-up offer asking people to rate your firm.

Ways to Gain Additional Five-Star Reviews about your Business

Numerous reviews are not necessarily relevant. Some reviews are even potentially harmful, especially when people post negative comments. Consequently, never ask disgruntled clients for their reviews. Otherwise, you will just be harming your online reputation. Encourage your staff members to let clients know that their glowing reviews can help the firm. Let clients know that their valuable comments make a difference in your personal life. Tell your clients that you appreciate their positive feedback. Honesty is always the best way to approach the topic of reviews. Numerous contented clients will appreciate your sincerity when you ask them for their feedback. Plus, your customers may get a kick out of knowing that other consumers will benefit from their personal opinions.

Publish Testimonials about your Services

Search for positive reviews about your business that are posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other similar platforms. Post these reviews on your website. Create a special testimonial section that lets potential clients get a better understanding of your basic philosophy and purpose. Take the time to interact with people on social media platforms. Post online notes thanking clients for their positive comments so that other people can read your input. Growing your business via online marketing techniques means that you must participate and respond to both favorable and unfavorable comments and reviews. Use reputation management strategies to ensure that your business does not suffer from comments posted by one unhappy customer.

Post Information about Positive Five-Star Reviews on your Website

Do not keep your five-star reviews a secret. Let every person know that consumers love your business. Other people are sure to respond. One person may post an excellent review. Another individual may share the information on his or her website. A local influencer may decide to write a blog post promoting your business. If you read a few negative comments, do not panic. Publish your comments about the person’s concerns and make an attempt to rectify any issues. A discontented client may have a change of heart after you correct the problem. The person may even decide to write another review explaining that you are a business owner who cares about your customers.

Do not Underestimate the Value of Flattering Reviews

As you can see, it is important for your business to receive passionate online reviews that are in your favor. From ensuring that your website receives more traffic to securing a better ranking on Google, your business thrives on the opinions of other people. Consumers want to do business with trustworthy business owners who offer superior services.