The natural way to close sales

In my last article, I discussed one of the things that causes the most stress for tax professionals: sales resistance. In this article, we’ll discuss closing, and how closing really isn’t stressful at all if handled properly.

As mentioned the other day, most of the job of “selling” ourselves is done via our educational marketing. Remember, if they’ll meet with us, they’ll hire us. As long as you maintain this frame of mind, sales really isn’t stressful at all.

The end goal of a prospect meeting or consultation is, of course, to have the client hire us. While most sales people have to use various sales “tactics” in order to close their sales, there really are no tactics, tricks, or techniques required for us to close a sale.

Why is this?

After reaching an understanding of our prospect’s problem, we do what we do best and lay out the steps to solving that problem. Once our prospect understands what we’re going to do for them to fix their tax problem, the next logical step is to get implement that solution.

The segue between offering a solution and “closing” is so simple for us that sales people in other industries should be jealous. In order to implement a tax resolution process, we absolutely must have a signed Power of Attorney. This fact is generally mentioned somewhere along the line in our presentation of the tax solution steps, so our prospect knows that it’s coming.

All that we need to say is, “In order to get started with researching what the IRS has on file, we need to have a signed Power of Attorney on file…” After they have signed a Power of Attorney, they have a pen in hand and are now mentally in the mode of expecting to sign things. This makes a signed engagement letter easy to come by next, which is naturally followed by obtaining a check or signed payment form.

This natural progression from one necessary element to the next is definitely unique to our industry. Having been in other sales professions in the past, I can tell you that it really is a different closing situation when selling other products, such as newspaper advertising or well drilling (both of which are things I’ve sold in the past).

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Next week, we will be releasing our next training course. This sales training course will cover the complete tax resolution sales cycle from initial appointment to closing. Be on the lookout for this early next week.