The long overdue conversation with your existing clients

In yesterday’s post, I encouraged you to finally raise your fees.

Yes, even on existing clients that purchase recurring compliance services from you.

Clearly, this can be a difficult subject to bring up with those existing clients. And due to the pandemic, it may feel even more awkward to discuss such things.

But, as I mentioned yesterday, if you haven’t raised fees in a long time, it’s even more critical that you do so ASAP, because the purchasing power of your old fee structure is being eroded by inflation. This alone is reason enough to rip off the Band-Aid® and raise your fees to where they should be immediately.

This is something that Martin Bissett goes into detail on in his new pricing course. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate your fees clearly, with confidence
  • How to ensure consistency in pricing across your entire firm (so that nobody lowballs to win work)
  • How to check that all priced work is profitable for your firm
  • A clear process for identifying, pricing and quoting all additional work upfront (without any awkward conversations with clients)
  • The Problem with Pricing in a Pandemic
  • Should Your Firm Rely on Technology to Set Your Pricing?
  • How to Overcome Price Objection
  • The Only Three Prices You’ll Ever Need

…and, of course, how to raise fees for existing clients (or, “re-price” them, as Martin says in his polite, professional way).

To get access to Martin Bissett’s new pricing course, it’s only going to run you $99, and if you order this week, I’ll send you a special bonus: Access to my 2-hour tax resolution training video on tax resolution fee models and a structured approach to closing tax resolution sales.

To get this special bonus, simply forward me a copy of your email receipt from Martin by 11:59pm Pacific time on Friday, January 29, 2021. This is a firm deadline, so don’t delay.

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To beating inflation,
~Jassen Bowman